Setting ourselves up for the future

Carnevale Dropfleet Magic Rumbleslam TTCombat

Hello! it been awhile but we have had some developments. We have a new distributor so we are now able to stock Magic the Gathering cards click here for our full range of booster packs.

Having Kings of War Vanguard was a great move, see the range here. I very much would like to see Armada on our selves too.

Stock has proven to be a problem with TTCombat, as I have not been able to add more products to the ranges I currently have, see Carnevale, Dropfleet and Rumbleslam.

Still we continue to grow, and we hope to be able to stock Pokemon cards at some point. But we have to build some respect with our distributor.

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend, please feel free to message me about anything.


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