Dropfleet Commander, Modular Space Station

Dropfleet Commander, Modular Space Station

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This incredible multi-part hard plastic set is a fully modular custom space station building kit - a first for tabletop gaming! It can be assembled in a virtually infinite number of ways in a massive variety of forms, shapes and sizes to fit your imagination.


All eight cruiser-sized space stations in the image gallery can be built from a single set, but these are just examples. A much larger number of smaller stations could be constructed or, alternatively, players could use the entire set to build one massive orbital dock! If you wanted to create something truly gargantuan, multiple sets can also be combined.


Every one of its many and varied parts is sumptuously detailed. Superstructure, towers, comms dishes, gantries, cooling vanes, gun turrets, laser weapons and missile pods are all part of the kit, giving you an unrivalled degree of creative options.


Space stations are integral to many scenarios in Dropfleet Commander - highly appropriate for the game's orbital combat setting!


Contains 4 plastic sprues, each with 71 components, with 15 plastic Dropfleet Commander bases and flight stands.


Plastic miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Other ships and gaming mats are for scale purposes only.