Age of Sigmar, Vanguard Sylvaneth
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Age of Sigmar, Vanguard Sylvaneth

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The Sylvaneth are made up of beings that inhabit the forests, those that put an emphasis in growth, harmony and the cycle of life. But beware, because if you do not respect that life and the borders of the woodlands around you, the forest will turn on you and you shall be overrun by its savagery. Colossal beasts, treekin, forests spirits and some of the oldest and strongest wood elves led by Alarielle the Everqueen to march out of Athel Loren, ready to raise all enemies to the ground and allow the earth itself the time it needs to take back the land and bring back life anew.




1x Branchwych

3x Kurnoth Hunters

5x Tree Revenants

can alternatively be assembled as Spite-Revenants

1x Treelord

can alternatively be assembled as a Treelord Ancient or as a Spirit of Durthu

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Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.